Welcome! We all have questions, lots of them. I’m here to help you get answers to some of those¬†questions. Whether you are trying to get out of credit card debt (been there), trying to lose a few pounds (still there) or looking to buy your first home (getting there), having as much information as possible can make the journey a little less stressful and a lot more fun. So come on in, sit down and let me help you get the answers you need.

About Me 

I’m a freelance writer. A reader. A lover of research and knowledge. I have a bachelors degree in communication and over 10 years of professional research, writing and editing experience. Learning has always come pretty easily for me. It’s something I take for granted sometimes. But, I love learning and I love sharing what I learn with other people. I started this website to provide people with a place to find solid information about topics that affect you every day. I hope to provide an easy-to-use resource for your most important questions.

Feel free to send questions or topic suggestions and I’ll add them to the line up.